Esteem Premium are online retailers of e-cigarettes.

They wanted a shopping cart website to sell their products and had decided on using Shopify.

The build was made relatively simple because Shopify actually have easy to use theming and shop logic, however there were a few issues. Firstly they required a pop-up on entry to force the user to confirm they were over 18 years old, this was relatively easy to achieve setting a cookie that recorded that they had clicked the correct button.

The other problem was that they wanted the website to be multi-lingual but Shopify didn't have this functionality available at the time. There was a plugin available but it was still in beta testing and also had an extra rental charge which seemed a bit steep.

We overcame the problem by duplicating all the content for each language and including it in the HTML for each page, the CSS would default to hiding all but the English language content. When you select a language a cookie is stored which is used by some javascript to decide which language to show.

Date: 06/2013

XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Shopify, Multi Lingual

Screenshot of age verification pop-up age verification pop-up

Screenshot of home page home page

Screenshot of product list page product list page