Below is a selection of websites that represent some of the more interesting builds we have done over the years. You can also see a longer list of other websites we have built:


Vanderlust.com are a campervan hire and sales business based in Ireland.

The original build was in 2007, the brief was to build a booking system and payment gateway for their campervan hire business. The booking process automatically calculates the insurance costs and we used RealEx payments redirect method for the payment gateway.

On the adm...read more

Date: 03/2015

Tech: XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, RWD, PHP, MySQL, Payment Gateway, Magento, LightspeedRetail

Screenshot of Vanderlust.com Reskin - home page

The Exchequer

TheExchequer.ie are a bar/restaurant in Dublin 2 and a wine bar in Ranelagh Ireland.

This is the third iteration of their website that we have built, originally they just had the one premises in Dublin 2 (and the one website) but have since expanded to open the wine bar so they now have a landing page at their original domain that directs users ...read more

Date: 03/2014

Tech: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, RWD, PHP, MySQL, Crontab, Payment Gateway

Screenshot of TheExchequer.ie landing page

GVA Transfers

GVATransfers.com offer airport transfers from Geneva Airport.

The client had an existing website that offered scheduled transfers but they wanted to expand into the more up-market private transfer business. They also had an existing booking system that they wanted to use.

Our work involved building a responsive front end with a basic CMS for ...read more

Date: 02/2014


Screenshot of GVATransfers.com home page

Bike Lodging

BikeLodging.com is a company that offers accommodation and other services for cycling holidays all over western Europe.

Their website was based on work we had done for Alps-Rentals and Big Hill Adventures but includes further improvements including sub-resorts and more advanced banner placement. Partner logos can now be placed on on any page of ...read more

Date: 09/2013

Tech: XHTML, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, SEO Friendly URLs

Screenshot of BikeLodging.com home page

Chamonix Valley Transfers

Chamonix-Valley-Transfers.co.uk are an airport transfer company based in Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

They needed a website where people could book their transfers and a CMS where they could keep track of their schedule. There is a three stage booking process, the first stage collects just enough information to give the user a quote for their transfer(s...read more

Date: 09/2013

Tech: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, RWD, PHP, MySQL, Payment Gateway, Google API

Screenshot of Chamonix-Valley-Transfers.co.uk home page

Sweeney's Dublin

SweeneysDublin.ie is a bar and night club in Dublin, Ireland.

They wanted a website with animated features and AJAX page loads, inspired by secretgardenparty.com and bestival.net, but it had to be Search Engine Optimisable. The graphics were supplied for us so the layout was limited in this respect but we managed to make the website work at most...read more

Date: 08/2013

Tech: XHTML, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL

Screenshot of SweeneysDublin.ie home page

Esteem Premium

EsteemPremium.com are online retailers of e-cigarettes.

They wanted a shopping cart website to sell their products and had decided on using Shopify.

The build was made relatively simple because Shopify actually have easy to use theming and shop logic, however there were a few issues. Firstly they required a pop-up on entry to force the user t...read more

Date: 06/2013

Tech: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Shopify, Multi Lingual

Screenshot of EsteemPremium.com age verification pop-up

Belgravia Gifts

BelgraviaGifts.com are an online retailer of gourmet gift boxes.

They needed an online shop to sell their products as well as a basic new page with summary on the home page. When they first went live they also wanted their users to be able to select a charity from a list specified by the client. A proportion of their proffits would then be divid...read more

Date: 01/2013

Tech: PHP, MySQL, Zen-Cart, Payment Gateway

Screenshot of BelgraviaGifts.com home page

Big Hill Adventures

BigHillAdventures.com are a property rentals business based in Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

The client wanted very similar functionality to Alps-Rentals, a previous website we had built, but with the addition of separate resort pages and a better search functionality. The property search uses AJAX to refresh the list of properties dynamically every time...read more

Date: 05/2012

Tech: XHTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Crontab, SEO Friendly URLs

Screenshot of Big Hill Adventures.com home page

Camping Chamonix

CampingChamonix.com are a campsite based in Argentiere up the road from Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France.

The website uses a relatively simple bespoke CMS including slideshows, a photo gallery and news pages however the brief also required that all the content be offered in multiple languages. This is currently limited to English and French but addin...read more

Date: 04/2012

Tech: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Multi Lingual

Screenshot of CampingChamonix.com home page in French


Alps-Rentals.com is a property rentals website for the French and Swiss alps.

The client wanted to be able to manage properties with different categories of facilities, photos as well as pricing and availability. Another requirement was that property owners would also be able to log in and add/edit their own properties in different currencies de...read more

Date: 11/2010

Tech: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Crontab

Screenshot of Alps Rentals.com home page

Picture Sound Publishing

PictureSoundPublishing.com make audio soundtracks and effects for film and television.

The client wanted a website where users could register in order to license and download audio for use in their own projects. Free, low bitrate MP3s are available without registering and the high bitrate (320kbps) and raw WAV files are available to registered u...read more

Date: 09/2009

Tech: PHP, MySQL, Linux, Crontab

Screenshot of PictureSoundPublishing.com track listing