Sweeney's Dublin

SweeneysDublin.ie is a bar and night club in Dublin, Ireland.

They wanted a website with animated features and AJAX page loads, inspired by secretgardenparty.com and bestival.net, but it had to be Search Engine Optimisable. The graphics were supplied for us so the layout was limited in this respect but we managed to make the website work at most screen resolutions.

We used the Javascript pushState/popState methods to change the URL in the address bar and made sure that the URLs worked on their own so that pages could be bookmarked.

The website also works with javascript disabled although in this case some of the page elements aren't positioned as well as they could be but they are still usable.

The website mostly works in mobile browsers although it does get a bit small on sub 5 inch screens.

Date: 08/2013


Screenshot of SweeneysDublin.ie home page

SweeneysDublin.ie home page

Screenshot of SweeneysDublin.ie gigs page

SweeneysDublin.ie gigs