Here are some personal projects and other code snippets. Some I have built for my own entertainment and others have been built as part of a website.

Custom Google Map

Create custom Google Maps with multiple markers and custom info boxes. You can also save your markers as a CSV file or bulk add markers by adding a CSV file. Apart from the map data everything happens within the browser, there are no calls to the server in order to parse or create the CSV file.

To use it start by dragging the red pointer to more

Date: 01/2015

Tech: HTML5, JavaScript

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Simple RSS Feed Reader

This is the same functionality as the jQuery RSS Feed Reader but without the jQuery dependency.

If you use jQuery on your website already it would be worth using the jQuery version as it is a slightly smaller JavaScript file to download. If you don't use jQuery then there's no point including (and forcing your users to download) the jQuery more

Date: 01/2015

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Simple jQuery RSS Feed Reader

The original version of had a Slashdot RSS feed on the home page and before I replaced it with this website I thought I'd add that functionality back again but this time you can enter any RSS feed you like.

Because many RSS feeds do not enable Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) the feeds are fetched by a PHP script more

Date: 12/2014

Tech: jQuery, PHP

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