Picture Sound Publishing

PictureSoundPublishing.com make audio soundtracks and effects for film and television.

The client wanted a website where users could register in order to license and download audio for use in their own projects. Free, low bitrate MP3s are available without registering and the high bitrate (320kbps) and raw WAV files are available to registered users.

Once logged in, the website keeps track of which audio files have been listened to and which have been downloaded and users are encouraged to fill in a Rate Card to submit their planned use for the track.

The raw WAV files are uploaded by the client to a specific folder outside the document root using FTP and can then be viewed and catalogued using the CMS. Once catalogued the raw WAV files are automatically converted to the two MP3 files (92kbps and 320kbps) with IDv3 metadata added based on the information entered when they were added in the CMS. The MP3s are also saved outside the document root and are served up via a PHP script.

This encoding is done by a CronJob that runs in the middle of the night and uses LAME to encode the files and embed the IDv3 metadata.

Date: 09/2009

PHP, MySQL, Linux, Crontab

Screenshot of PictureSoundPublishing.com track listing

PictureSoundPublishing.com track listing